Fishing Accessory Reviews

Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review

Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag ReviewAccu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review After many years of using various types of fishing tournament weigh-in bags, I now find myself sitting here writing this Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review. Why? Because I finally found a bag that’s worth the time and effort required to write this! You know the drill when it comes... Read More »

Balaclava SA Face Shield Review

Balaclava SA Face Shield ReviewBalaclava SA Face Shield Review We thought it was about time someone did a Balaclava SA Face Shield Review. After all, the balaclava face shield has become a pretty standard piece of fishing apparel for thousands upon thousands of anglers worldwide. Maybe you’re asking “what the heck is a balaclava?”. Good question! A balaclava is... Read More »

The Bass Bag Review

The Bass Bag ReviewThe Bass Bag This time around, I want to talk about a tackle accessory that may not be very well known, but it’s something I believe every angler should have on their boat, whether they are a tournament angler or not. The size or cost of an item doesn’t always dictate its importance. Such is... Read More »