Topwater Lure Reviews

Jackall Pompadour Topwater Lure Review

Jackall Pompadour Topwater Lure ReviewJackall Pompadour Topwater Lure Review I’m a topwater fanatic. I love big topwater baits to attract big bass. I have to admit, though, that I never thought I would be writing a Jackall Pompadour Topwater Lure Review. Why? Because I don’t very often spring for lures that cost anywhere near $20. As I’ve mentioned many times... Read More »

Savage Gear 3D Bat Review

Savage Gear 3D Bat ReviewSavage Gear 3D Bat Review I’ve been patiently waiting to write this Savage Gear 3D Bat Review for a while now. I bought one of these baits last year when they first became available at Tackle Warehouse. It took me quite a while to get mine, since there was a backlog of orders immediately after... Read More »