Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review

Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review

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Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review

After many years of using various types of fishing tournament weigh-in bags, I now find myself sitting here writing this Accu Cull Tournament Weigh-In Bag Review.

Why? Because I finally found a bag that’s worth the time and effort required to write this!

You know the drill when it comes to weigh-in bags. Buy one for way too much money and then hold your breath every time you use it, hoping it won’t spring a leak.

It happens over and over again. I know from experience! I can’t even count the number of different weigh-in bags I’ve gone through over the last 30 years. Trust me. The number is high!

Some of them were inexpensive. Some were not. But they all had one thing in common. They all leaked after a while. And when you add up how much you’ve spent over the years on weigh-in bags, it gets pretty expensive after a while.

Some of the previous weigh-in bags I’ve bought and used looked like they should last quite a while. Some of them had some type of reinforcement woven or molded into the plastic. But not a single one lasted more than a few months worth of light use before starting to leak.

Band-Aids for Weigh In Bags

You’ve probably all used the same trick that I’ve used to try to stretch the life of a leaking bag; Duct Tape! It looks terrible and it’s really only a band-aid, because even with good old duct tape, that bag still leaks! But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to make sure your fish still have water in the bag when you’re carrying them to the weigh-in.

A little over a year ago I finally got tired of carrying a leaky bag to the scale, hurrying to weigh my fish before half of the water leaked out.

I’m happy to say, though, that this recurring ritual finally came to a screeching halt about 18 months ago when I bought the Accu-Cull Weigh-In Bag!

I’ve used this weigh-in bag for over one full season, even bringing some 20 lb. bags of bass to the scales, with not a single drop of water leaking from it. And I have done nothing different with this bag than I had done with the others with regard to care, handling and storage of it.

Every one of my weigh-in bags gets drained and then rinsed out, and then drained again while I’m still at the lake. And then I fold it neatly and place it inside of one of my storage compartments until I get home. Once I’m home and the boat is backed into the garage, I remove the bag from the storage locker and hang it from the side of the boat to air dry.

This is what I’ve done with every weigh-in bag I’ve ever owned. And this one is no exception. The difference, though, is that this bag has held up under regular use. This weigh-in bag has shown no signs whatsoever of wearing out or leaking. It has held up perfectly.

What Makes The Accu-Cull Weigh-In Bag Different

Why does the Accu-Cull weigh-in bag hold up so well? What sets it apart from the others and makes it last, when every other weigh-in bag is leaking like a sieve?

Two things create this rugged bag. First, the material used for the bag itself is rugged. I don’t know exactly what it’s made of, but it holds up very well to regular use.

The real secret, though, is the mesh inner bag/liner. This is basically a bag within a bag. The outer bag is water-tight and very durable. The seams are extremely sturdy.

The inner bag is made of mesh that serves two purposes. First, it helps keep the sharp fins of the bass from stabbing the outer bag and puncturing it or ripping the seams. Second, it’s a very convenient way to hoist your fish out of the water in your bag and hand them over to be weighed, leaving all of the water still in your weigh bag.

When the fish are done being weighed, you still have all the water in the bag to transport them back to the lake to be released.

Some tournament organizations are using the mesh bag to weigh the fish in. So if you have one of these bags, you simply need to lift the mesh bag out from the outer bag and hand it to the weighmaster. They weigh your fish and hand it back to you. Quick and easy, and very safe for the fish since it minimizes handling and reduces time out of the water.

Another really good thing about this bag is the reinforced handle. Both the inner bag and the outer bag have handles. And both of them have heavy nylon webbing sewn around the handle to reinforce it. This prevents tearing when you’re carrying 30+ lbs. of water and fish to the scales.

Any Negatives?

I can honestly say that I have found no negatives about this bag. Especially not anything that would cause a reduction in the star rating I gave it.

The only one, tiny little thing that I can think of is that I would have liked to see them make the hand-hole for the handle just a tad bigger. And this isn’t so my hand will fit it better, but so that it would hang on my boat cleats a bit better.

I like to fill my weigh bag with water and then hang it on one of the rear deck cleats so I can pull the fish from the livewell and place them in the bag. And, just so you don’t freak out and wonder why I’d do that and take a chance on fish falling back into the lake, I only do this after my boat has been trailered and is away from the water 🙂

Anyway, the hole is small enough to prevent me from being able to slide the hole in the handle completely over one of the cleats on the inner rail of my boat. It will still hang there, but not as securely as if the hole was a bit bigger.

This is so terribly minor that I almost didn’t even mention it. But, as with all of my reviews, I want to be 100% honest about absolutely everything in the products I test and write about.

Happy Endings

So let’s wrap this up!

This is, by far, the best tournament weigh-in bag I have ever owned. Period. End of story. And the fact that it is priced very, very reasonably makes it even better.

I have one full tournament season, plus a fraction of another season on this bag and it shows ZERO signs of leaking. And the mesh inner bag has made removing the fish from the bag completely effortless.

No more reaching in and getting your hands full of holes from the spikes on the backs of the bass.

If you don’t have this bag, you seriously need to get one. You will never look back. And I promise that you will not regret buying it. Once you’ve owned one of these bags, you’ll never buy any other kind of weigh in bag again.

No regrets, no worries and I have no reservations whatsoever about giving this item a very solid 5 stars.

Check out the Accu-Cull Weigh-In Bag by clicking here.

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Good fishing <><

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